Stan’s NoTubes tire sealant prevents flat tires on mountain bikes.

The First Name in Tubeless

Stan's NoTubes pioneered tubeless tire technology in 2001 and they've been innovating ever since. Experience the benefits of tubeless tires: traction, comfort, control, and improved resistance to flats. Stan's NoTubes offers cutting edge tubeless wheels, sealant, and accessories for mountain, cyclocross, and road bikes. Stan's continually pushes the limits of product development so you can push the limits on every ride. Get ready to dominate the trails, roads, and race courses with the first name in tubeless technology: Stan’s NoTubes.

What Makes Stan’s Rims Different?

Increase traction and reduce rolling resistance with Stan’s patented Bead Socket Technology rims. The BST mountain and BST-R road rims are shaped to position your tires more securely, allowing them to expand to their full volume. More volume creates a better interface between tire and rim sidewall, resulting in better traction and control, easier tubeless inflation, and one other major advantage. Stan’s BST and BST-R rims create a more supple and responsive tire which reduces rolling resistance. In other words, Stan’s wheels go faster.

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Why Ride Tubeless?

Inner tubes used to be the only game in town. They came installed on the very first bike you had: the one you learned to ride. But bike inner tubes have their limitations. Hate changing flats? Want to experience lower tire pressure and improved handling? Tubeless might be right for you.

The Stan’s NoTubes tubeless system uses liquid sealant and special tape to make rims and tires airtight: it’s capable of sealing most tires to most rims without inner tubes. Tubeless-ready tires, combined with Stan’s liquid sealant and rim tape, will seal most punctures up to a quarter inch in size. The system weighs less than a tube and allows lower tire pressure for more traction, comfort, and control.

On mountain bike rides, cyclocross race courses, and paved road rides, tubeless setups are stronger, lighter, and more comfortable. Switch to tubeless and ride even further, and faster than ever.

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